Haddock is a mailing list of a bunch of friends that began around May 1996. Most people on the list are based in London and work in new media, but some aren't based in London and some don't work in new media. This site is built and maintained by Phil Gyford. Many thanks to Flirble for the hosting.
Haddock Blogs
Haddock Blogs is an aggregation of weblogs and links posted to del.icio.us by people on the Haddock mailing list. A script grabs these sites' feeds and adds any new items to a local database. Everything is then aggregrated into two lists: Blogs and Links.
Haddock Directory
Haddock Directory is an archive of URLs posted to the mailing list from September 1996 to October 2006. There is no way you can submit your site for inclusion. There are 27,208 URLs in the directory and most are accompanied by a comment, usually from the email in which the URL was sent to the list. New URLs appeared on the front weblog-style page, organised by the date they were posted to the list, rather than the date they appear on the site.
Haddock Review
The Haddock Review is a repository for book and music recommendations by members of the list. As with the directory, it is largely for the benefit of list members, a kind of group memory, but hopefully others may also discover useful and interesting things. It is rarely, if ever, used.